High precision agriculture !
GPS Module
  • Precise speed measurements
  • GPS information reception
  • Used with the GENIUS terminal
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Precise position measurements:
Refresh rate of 5 Hz
Precise speed measurements:
On any terrain, even sloping surfaces
Unaffected by skidding
Speed information with:
Transmission by CAN Bus, for use with GENIUS
Pulse output compatible with any entry (NPN, PNP, …)
Easy installation:
Single system placed on the tool
No calibration of the sensor
No mechanical adjustment necessary
Test mode, for rapid diagnosis
Status indicator, for rapid diagnosis
Avoid installation of a traditional speed sensor for each tractor
Ideal for multi-tractor tool use
Reception of GPS information for future use:
Precise agricultural readings
Automatic measurement regulation
Automatic opening/closing of the boom sections
Highly sensitive reception module
Future compatibility with the European satellite system
Compact unit in ABS PC (100 x 40 x 25mm, IP55)
All CAN Bus units in the AGRO System range are complementary and compatible
GALILEO uses CAN Bus Technology with a 5-wire harness between the tractor and machine.
Power supply 11-16 volts
Supplied with:
Compact magnetised antenna (48x40x13mm)
5 m antenna cord
Manual in English