High accuracy applications !
Autoboom switching
  • Automatic cut-off of GPS sections
  • Easy installation
  • AGRO System Software
  • Complementary to the GENIUS terminal and XENIUS
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Auto boom switching of up to 20 sections
In manual mode, the system will record sprayed area and distance travelled (in metres)
In automatic mode:
Areas within the boundary are sprayed
The boundary/headlands are not sprayed
Whilst negotiating headland turns, manoeuvring, etc. if the boom passes outside the field boundary/headland the area will not be sprayed
Precision switching, taking into account:
The opening time of section valves
The position of the GPS antenna in relation to the boom
Automatic on/off switching at a predetermined speed
Variable recovery rate
USB key data processing back-up
Manual or automatic internal memory erasing (automatic if more than 75% memory used)
Upgradeable variable rate control
Compatible with GPS or guidance bar with a RS232 NMEA output
Compatible with Galileo/Galileo+ GPS and / or GPS speed unit