Genius viti
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Electronic regulation
  • Easy rapid navigation
  • Complete accurate settings
  • Sturdy compact display unit
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Genius viti Genius viti Ultra
Carousel menu, easy to usecheckedchecked
Simultaneous display:
Real L/HA, programmed L/HA and speedcheckedchecked
Boom with status of open/closed sectionscheckedchecked
Real or theoretical pressurecheckedchecked
Info key showing:
Tank levelcheckedchecked
Tank autonomycheckedchecked
Partial surfacecheckedchecked
Partial volumecheckedchecked
Partial distance or Efficiencycheckedchecked
Date and timechecked
Sequential disconnection of sections, up to 20checkedchecked
Direct access for controlling:
3-function hydraulic selectorcheckedchecked
Work lights*checkedchecked
Rotating lightcheckedchecked
Filling stop valvecheckedchecked
Automatic On/Off sprayercheckedchecked
Flow sensor and/or pressure sensor regulationcheckedchecked
Dose modulationcheckedchecked
Regulation to minimum pressurecheckedchecked
Rapid prepositioning of the regulation valve during startupcheckedchecked
End of tankcheckedchecked
Min./max. flowcheckedchecked
Min./max. pressurecheckedchecked
Partial or total volume, surface area and distance counterscheckedchecked
Plot management (plot name, volume, surface area, distance counters). Up to 100 plots can be stored in memorycheckedchecked
Theoretical management of tank with alarmcheckedchecked
Tank management: filling stops automatically and alarmcheckedchecked
16 wheels, 16 programmable boomscheckedchecked
Frames with 16 pre-programmed nozzles, which can be programmed by the user and with min./max. pressure managementcheckedchecked
Management of N2, N3, N3P, S2, S3, CC circulationcheckedchecked
Automatic calibration:
Pressure sensorcheckedchecked
Diagnostic menu, accessible at any timecheckedchecked
Configurable processing menu (16 available)checkedchecked
Backlit graphic display 240 x 64 pixelscheckedchecked
USB Interface for easy updatecheckedchecked
Robust compact aluminum unit (231 x 125 x 42 mm, sealed IP65)checkedchecked
Contrast, reversible backlighting, key beep, multiple languages (8 languages included)checkedchecked
Processing management software, precise and flexible farmingchecked
Options :
EasyJoy multifunction joystickcheckedchecked
Module GPS info and/or GPS speed sensor Galileo or Galileo+checkedchecked
Automatic Switch ON/OFF sections by GPS **checkedchecked
EasyPrint printercheckedchecked
Trailing axlecheckedchecked
Automatic Rinsing EasyCleancheckedchecked
Automatic Boom height Controlcheckedchecked
Electronic gauge using pressure sensorcheckedchecked
GENIUS VITI uses CAN Bus Technology with a 5-wire cable between the tractor and machinecheckedchecked
Power supply 11-16 voltscheckedchecked
Supplied with:
AS600 junction boxcheckedchecked
12 m CAN Bus cablecheckedchecked
Attachment bracketcheckedchecked
Manual in Englishcheckedchecked

* Requires an AS10 or AS600P power unit option
** Requires GPS Galileo / Galileo+ Module or GPS module NMEA compatible