ISO Spray
The ISOBUS certified spraying !
ISOBUS multifunctional regulation
  • Easy and rapid navigation
  • Precision farming
  • AEF certification
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ISO Spray
Simultaneous display of :
Real L/ha, programmed L/ha, tank level, speed
Real or theoretical pressure
Boom states : height, folded / unfolded, blocked / unblocked
States of boom sections (selected / closed / spraying)
States of edge sprays
Tank level
Liter / minute
Autonomy Sequential disconnection of sections, up to 20
Direct access for controlling :
3-functions hydraulic selector
Edge sprays
Work lights, rotating beacon (automatic mode)
Filling stop valve
Rotative cleaner
Flow sensor and/or pressure sensor regulation
Dose modulation
Regulation to minimum pressure
Rapid prepositioning of the regulation valve during start-up
Alarms : End of tank, Min/Max flow, Min/Max pressure, Minimum supply voltage
Partial and total volume, surface area and distance counters
Theoretical management of tank with alarm
Tank management : filling stops automatically and alarm
16 pre-programmed nozzles, which can be programmed with Min/Max pressure management
Management of N2, N3, N3P, S2, S3, CC circulations
Automatic calibration : wheel, flow meter, pressure sensor, options
Diagnostic menu
Galileo module GPS info and/or GPS speed sensor
Management of the documentation of total values (TC-BAS 1.0)
Management of the automatic switching of sections (TC-SC 1.0)
Compatible with the automatic GPS variable rate (TC-GEO 1.0)
EasyJoy multifunction joystick
Steering axle
Automatic boom height control
Electronic gauge using pressure sensor
Power supply 11-16 Volts
Supplied with :
ISO Commando + CPC 9-pole adapter
Isobus harness 15 [m]
Compact and programmed calculator
Spraying functions :
Opening / Closing main spray
Sequential Opening / Closing of sections
Boom folding functions :
Right and left outer arms, central arms
Lock / Unlock
Control functions :
Boom height : up / down
Tilt right and left
Independent arms
Steering axle, drawbar
Robust and compact aluminium case (232 x 98 x 32mm, watertight IP65).