Simply Spray !
Electronic regulation
  • Easy setting up
  • Rapid navigation
  • Sturdy compact display unit
  • Up to 6 sections
Display Logo Agro System
Carousel menu, easy to use
Simultaneous display:
Real L/HA, programmed L/HA and speed
Boom with status of open/closed sections
Real or theoretical pressure
Info key showing:
Tank level
Partial surface
Partial volume
Sequential disconnection of sections, up to 6
Direct access for controlling:
3-function hydraulic selector
Rotating light
Flow sensor and/or pressure sensor regulation
Dose modulation
Regulation to minimum pressure
End of tank
Min./max. flow
Min./max. pressure
Partial or total volume, surface area and distance counters
Theoretical management of tank with alarm
5 wheels, 5 programmable booms
Frames with 5 pre-programmed nozzles, which can be programmed by the user and with min./max. pressure management
Management of N2, N3 circulation
Automatic calibration:
Pressure sensor
Diagnostic menu, accessible at any time
Backlit graphic display 128 x 64 dots
Robust compact aluminum unit (142 x 121 x 42 mm, sealed IP65)
Contrast, reversible backlighting, key beep, multiple languages (8 languages included)
Option: Galileo Module GPS information and/or GPS speed sensor
GEMINI uses CAN Bus Technology with a 5-wire cable between the tractor and machine
Power supply 11-16 volts
Supplied with:
AS600 junction box
12 m CAN bus cable
Attachment bracket
Manual in English